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Dimensions Interface Tour

Introduces you to the dimension interface in modeling.

Contains preview content for the upcoming 2019.3 release.

The Manage Dimensions page is laid out with a list of dimensions and dimension values on the left and a details pane on the right. 

Toolbar Buttons

Button: Description:
Create a new dimension
Create a new dimension value
Move selected dimensions up and down in the list
Exports dimension data into an Excel spreadsheet
Delete currently selected attribute or dimension
Open import structure dialog to download structure template and/or upload completed template

Save or discard changes to details

Dimension Details 

Field Name: Description:
Name A descriptive name that appears on sheets and reports. To be used in modeled sheets, dimension names can only contain letters, numbers, and underscores.
Short name A name to be used when the dimension's full name is too long. This is optional, and if left blank, the system will automatically shorten the dimension's name when necessary. The short name is used with Dashboards.
List Dimension List dimensions can be assigned dimension attribute values. A list dimension has no sub-dimensions and its values are all in a single, non-hierarchical list.
Use on levels When you check this box, the dimension appears on the Manage Organization Structure screen and you can assign values to levels in this dimension.
Data import automatically creates dimension values Dimensions with this attribute are automatically updated during data imports. Any imported data referencing a value for this dimension that is not already found in the dimension is automatically added to the dimension at import time.
Keep sorted Automatically sorts the dimensions. If this option is not selected, the dimension is kept in the order specified by the administrator who creates and edits the dimension.

Custom Properties

Associate additional model information to your dimensions with custom properties. You can add up to five properties to dimensions. Edit a dimension value to assign custom property values. 

New custom properties can only be created from Modeling > Dimensions. Property values can only contain numeric characters.

Dimension Value Details 

Field Name: Description:
Parent Select the dimension value in this dimension to which this value rolls up.
Name Give the value a descriptive name.
Short name Give the value a name to be used when its full name is too long. This is optional, and if left blank, the system automatically shortens the value’s name when necessary. The short name is used in some places within Dashboards.
Description Enter a detailed description of the value to make its usage clear.

Select the View Dependencies link to see where a dimension is referenced. The popup contains tabs for:

  • Calculated Accounts

  • Shared Formulas

  • Cube Entries

  • Other Entries (including the names of sheets referencing the dimension value)

  • Rules

  • Reports (including custom calculations in a report that reference the dimension value)

Version Settings

List dimensions only.

Select whether the dimension value is visible in all plan versions or only in specific plan versions. To set the visibility for a version, select it in the drop-down menu, then check or uncheck Available in Version and click Save  .

Dimension Attributes

List dimensions only.

If dimension attributes have been created for the dimension whose value you are editing, they will be available in this section. Select dimension attribute values from the drop-down menu for each dimension attribute.

If Admin Publishing is enabled in your instance and your instance has unpublished structure changes, a warning informs you that edits cannot be made on this page until the changes have been published.

Moving Dimension Values

To change the location of a dimension value within the same page of the Dimensions list, you can use the Move Up and Move Down icons. To move a dimension value long distances or across pages:

  1. Highlight the value you want to move by clicking it.

  2. Press Ctrl+X or right-click and select Cut.

  3. Select an item with the same parent you want the items to have.

  4. Press Ctrl+V or right-click and select Paste.
    The dimension value will be pasted as a sibling of the selected value.

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