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Change Hierarchical Dimensions to List Dimensions

Introduces you to the attributes you can use with custom dimensions.

You can assign attribute values to dimensions, similarly to the way you do for accounts and levels. However, only list dimensions can have attributes cre­ated for them. List Dimension is a dimension setting: 

List dimension checkbox.png

Before You Begin 

Required permission: Model Management Access > Model.

How You Get There

From the nav menu, go to Modeling. Then select Dimensions.

List Dimension and Hierarchical Dimensions

List and Hierarchical Dimensions.png

1 List dimensions have flat values. Each value rolls up to the dimension name. List dimensions have the List Dimension box checked in their Dimension Details.

2 Hierarchical dimension values roll up to other dimension values. In the example, Geography is an hierarchical dimension. Menlo Park rolls up to 650, which rolls up to California. You cannot assign attributes to hierarchical dimensions.   

Change Hierarchical to List

The List Dimension checkbox is disabled when the dimension is hierarchical. 

To enable the List Dimension checkbox:

  1. Flatten the dimension values:
    1. Select each value.
    2. From the Parent drop-down, choose the main dimension name, not one of its values. For example, Geography is the dimension name.Flatten Dimension.png
    3. Save.  
  2. After you flatten the values, select the main dimension, such as Geography
  3. Select the List Dimension checkbox and save.
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