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Add Geo Region Coordinate Data to Dimensions and Values

Add latitude and longitude information to custom dimensions to create geo maps.

Contains preview content for the upcoming 2019.3 release.

Only available with Adaptive Insights for Sales

Geo maps require a custom dimension that contains dimension values defining geo regions, and custom properties that define the region's latitude and longitude coordinate. 

You can create a list dimension or a hierarchical dimension. Hierarchical geography dimensions let you analyze data along the hierarchy. For example, view a broad regional perspective of aggregate data for countries, then narrow down to a specific country for states, specific state for counties, and specific county for zip codes.

Before You Begin

Create a custom dimension with dimension values for the geographic regions you need. Geo maps can support any geographic hierarchical model for a custom dimension if there are defined coordinates for each location.

Add Geo Coordinate Data to Dimensions and Dimension Values

  1. Add Latitude and Longitude custom properties to your custom dimension.
    1. From the navigation menu, select Modeling > Dimensions.
    2. Select the custom dimension that contains geographic regions.
    3. Select Custom Properties, then add two custom properties with Add property. One property for latitude and another property for longitude. For example:
      Property 1:
      Property 2:
  2. Import the latitude and longitude custom property values to your custom dimension with Import Dimension Structure.
    1. Download the dimension structure with the Generate Printable View. 
    2. Open the download in Excel.
    3. Add latitude and longitude coordinates for regions in the corresponding dimension value property columns.
    4. Select Import Dimension Structure, then update the dimension structure to include the latitude and longitude coordinate data.


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