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Create Dimensions that Support Derived Dimension Values on Modeled Sheets

Explains how to create derived dimension values, which are determined by other dimension values and automatically populate on modeled sheets.

Derived dimension values let you dynamically group data based on user-defined multi-dimensional lookup rules. Dimension values in modeled sheet rows are returned based on your rules.

How Derived Dimension Values on Modeled Sheets Work

On modeled sheets with no splits, the values of mapping dimensions determine the derived dimension values. Derived dimensions are custom dimensions that are enabled for dimension mapping. Mapping dimensions assigned to derived dimensions are used to create the dynamic rules that return derived dimension values.

For example, with sales planning you can perform dynamic customer segmentation based on the customer demographic attributes geo location, industry, and company size.



Navigation Icon5.png From the nav menu, select Modeling. From the Levels and Dimension menu, select  Dimensions.

Enable Dimension Mapping

  1. Select a dimension to enable mapping dimension values to other dimensions.
  2. In Dimension Details, select Use mapping criteria to set dimension values on modeled sheets.
  3. Add dimensions to select dimensions used in dimension mapping to set dimension values on modeled sheets with no splits. At least one dimension is required. You can add up to six dimensions.

Map dimension values based on dimension mapping rules you define.

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