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Create Custom Properties

Explain how to create custom properties, which provide a flexible way to associate additional information to custom dimensions.

Custom property values are defined for each dimension value and can only contain numeric characters. Custom properties cannot have the same name as existing dimensions and attributes. For example, if you have a dimension called Region, you cannot also have a custom property called Region. 

In Sales Planning, custom properties for latitude and longitude are required to create a geo map for territory planning. 



Navigation Icon5.png From the nav menu, select Modeling. From the Levels and Dimension menu, select  Dimensions.

Create Custom Properties

  1. Select a dimension to add custom properties.  
  2. In the Custom Properties area, add properties and enter a property name. Add up to five custom properties to a dimension. 
  3. Save.

Set a Custom Property Value

  1. Select a dimension value to edit a custom property value.  
  2. In the Custom Properties area, enter a property value. Custom property values can only contain numeric characters.
  3. Save.

Create Custom Properties and Property Values In-Bulk 

You can also edit a large numbers of custom property values in one action with the import dimensions template, or updateDimensions API. New custom properties can only be created from Modeling > Dimensions.

  • The import dimensions template can edit custom properties and custom property values. 
  • The updateDimensions API can only edit custom property values.


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