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Hide Dimension Values from Versions

Explains how to use the version settings for custom dimension values. The setting lets you hide dimension values from specific versions.

Hide dimension values from new plan versions with the dimension value Version Setting: 

Version setting in dimensions.png

How the Version Settings Work

  • The setting is available for list dimensions. 
  • You can only hide dimension values from plan versions. The setting for root actuals is read-only and always available.
  • By default, all dimension values are visible to all versions, including new versions.
  • When you select All versions you are making the dimension visible in all versions.
  • You can only hide dimension values. You can't hide the dimension itself.
  • If the dimension value is already in use for a specific version, you can't hide it from that version.

Why Hide Dimension Values

Hide dimension values:

  • Instead of deleting them. To delete a dimension value, you have to remove it from all areas of your model, including historical data. Instead, hide the dimension value from the current version. This allows you to keep the historical data in past versions.
  • To use certain them for analyzing specific scenarios. Make it available in your what-if versions and hide it in your working budget version.
  • When your organization has a reason to keep it hidden. For example, your organization may not be ready to announce a new product, but still must use it in forecasts. 

Before You Begin

How You Get There

Navigation Icon5.png From the nav menu, select Modeling. From the Levels and Dimension menu, select  Dimensions.

Hide Dimension Values from Versions

Save the dimension setting between each version selection.

  1. From the dimension list, expand the dimension with values you want to hide. It must be a dimension with the List dimension setting. 
  2. Select the dimension value from the list. 
  3. In the settings, go to the Version Settings section. 
  4. Select Specific version and choose a version from the drop-down. 
  5. Uncheck Available in version to hide the value from the selected version. If the checkbox is read-only, the version already has data tagged with the value. You can update any sheets, reports, or charts to remove the dimension value, or you can create a new version.
  6. Save the settings. 
  7. Repeat for each version. 
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