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Dimensions Interface Tour

Introduces you to the dimension interface in modeling.

Contains preview content for the upcoming 2020R1 release.

Dimensions Interface Tour

1 Toolbar: Take actions with the buttons and drop-downs.

2 Dimension list: Expand the list of dimensions to view the values. The blue dots indicate that the value is in use. 

3 Dimension settings: Update settings and dimension names. 


Button: Description:
createDimension.png Creates dimensions.
addDimensionValues.png Create dimension values.
printView.png Downloads dimensions to an Excel spreadsheet.
ImportAccountStructure.png Import edits or new dimensions and dimension values.

Dimension Settings

Field Name: Description:


Name Identifies the dimension. Must be unique and not match any existing dimension or attribute names. 
Short name Identifies the dimension in Dashboards. If not specified, Dashboards shortens the name when necessary.
List Dimension

Default. The dimension values are not in a hierarchical list. 

Select if you want to control which version the dimension's values appear in, or if you want to tag the dimension's values with attribute values.

Uncheck if you want to use the dimension to tag levels.

Use on levels

Makes the dimension appear as a drop-down in the level settings.

You must first uncheck List Dimension.

Data import automatically creates dimension values

Adds dimension values when you import data using:

(Dimension levels only) Adds dimension values when you import a new level structure using:

Keep sorted Sorts the dimension values alphabetically. Uncheck it if you want to control the order.

Custom Properties

Associates additional model information with the dimension's values. You can add up to five properties to dimensions. Edit the dimension values to assign custom property values. 

See Create Custom Properties.

Dimension Value Settings

Field Name: Description:


Parent Identifies the name of the dimension for list dimensions, this is the name of the dimension. Identifies the rollup dimension value for hierarchical dimensions. 
View Dependencies Shows where the model references the dimension value. 

Version Settings

List dimensions only. 

All versions Indicates the dimension value is visible in all versions.
Specific versions

Indicates the dimension value is visible in select versions.

Select a version from the drop-down to check or change the visibility. Save the dimension value settings for each change.

Available in version

Indicates if the dimension value is shown or hidden in the selected versions. 

Read-only when you select the All versions radio button or Actuals from the drop-down. All dimension values must be available in root actuals.  

See Hide Dimension Values from Versions.

Dimension Attributes

List dimensions only. 

A drop-down for each of the dimension's dimension attributes.  Tags the dimension value with the attribute value you select from the drop-down. See Create Attributes and Attribute Values.

Custom Properties



Text fields for each of the dimensions custom properties.

Associates additional model information with the dimension's values. Values can only contain numeric characters.

Available only if the dimension has custom properties. 

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