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Edit Attributes and Attribute Values

Explains how to edit attributes and attribute values.

Before You Begin

Required permission: Model Management Access > Model. 

How You Get There

Navigation Icon5.png From the nav menu, select Modeling. From the Levels and Dimension menu, select either Level Attributes or Dimension Attributes. Or, select Account Attributes from the Accounts menu.

Edit Attributes and Attribute Values

Select the Attribute or Attribute Value in the list so that its details appear in the Attribute Details or Attribute Value Details section on the right side of the screen.

Make any changes you like, using the same method as when you created the attribute or attri­bute value and Save.


Select the View Dependencies link to see where in your model an attribute value is referenced. The View Dependencies popup contains tabs for:

  • Calculated Accounts
  • Shared Formulas
  • Cube Entries
  • Other Entries
  • Rules
  • Journal Entries
  • Reports
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