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Create Attributes and Attribute Values

Explains how to create attributes and attribute values.

Dimensions, dimension attributes, level attributes, and account attributes cannot share names. For example, if you have a dimension called Region, you cannot also have an account attribute called Region.

Before You Begin

Required permission: Model Management Access > Model. 

How You Get There

Navigation Icon5.png From the nav menu, select Modeling. From the Levels and Dimension menu, select either Level Attributes or Dimension Attributes. Or, select Account Attributes from the Accounts menu.

Create Attributes

  1. From the toolbar, select New Attribute
  2. In the Attribute Details area, enter the new attribute’s name.
  3. Check Account, Dimension, or Level import automatically creates attribute values to create new attribute values as necessary when the structure is imported in the account, dimension, or level administration pages.
    • Keep sorted: Check this box to have all values of this attribute list alphabetically rather than sorting them manually.
  4. Save

Create an Attribute Value

Once you create an attribute, you need to create its values.

  1. From the attribute list, select the name of the attribute you want to add a value to.
  2. From the toolbar, select New Attribute Value .
  3. Enter the value’s information in the Attribute Value Details section:
    • Parent: The attribute to which the value is assigned, or the parent attribute value of which this value is a specialization.
    • Name: The name of the value.
    • Description: (Optional) A description of when to assign the value and what it means. This is helpful if other administrators use attribute values.
  4. Save 

Create Attribute and Attribute Values In-Bulk

You can also create large numbers of attributes and attribute values in one action by using Import Attribute Structure.

Outside of the attributes administration pages, you can also use the Adaptive Integration Planning Dimension Loader or the updateDimensions API to create dimension attributes and dimension attribute values in-bulk.

If an attribute has Dimension import automatically creates attribute values checked, new attri­bute values automatically get created during import when:

  • A structure import includes attribute values that do not already exist.
  • A planning dimension loader in Integration imports dimension attribute values that do not already exist.
  • A payload in an updateDimensions API request includes dimension attribute values that do not already exist.

Watch this video: 2m 16s

Dimension Import Automatically Creates Attribute Values
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