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Change the Account Type Setting

Explains how administrators change the account Type setting in general ledger, custom, cube and modeled calculated, and cube standard accounts.

Audience: Administrators who manage the model.

As an administrator, you define the account Type setting. The account Type you choose depends on the kind of data you're tracking: the running balance or the net value per period: 

  • Periodic: the value is the net for the period.
  • Cumulative: the value is the running balance. 
  • Link (conditional) If you want to learn how to link an account, see Concept: Linked Accounts



For General ledger and custom accounts: 

Navigation Icon5.png From the nav menu, select Modeling. Then, from the Accounts menu, select General Ledger Accounts or Custom Accounts.

For cube and modeled accounts: 

Navigation Icon5.png From the nav menu, select Modeling. From the Sheets menu, select either Level-Assigned Sheets or User-Assigned Sheets. Select the Edit link next to the cube or modeled sheet. Select the Cube Accounts link or the Modeled Accounts link.  

Change Account Type Setting 

If these accounts roll up to a group, you can edit their account Type settings: 

  • Custom accounts
  • Model and cube calculated accounts
  • Cube standard accounts

If the account rolls up to an account, change the type by re-parenting it or by changing the type of its parent account.

  1. Select an account in the account list to edit the account Type setting.
  2. If the account rolls up to a group, the account Type setting is editable. 
    In the following image, Average Daily Payables - Total Company rolls up to Accounts Payable, which is a group. Notice that the account Type setting is editable. 

    Rollup account with editable Type setting

Accounts that roll up to an account have read-only account Type settings. The rollup account's type determines the type of all its child accounts. In the image below the child account has a read-only type.

Leaf level account with read-only Type setting

  1. If possible, change the account Type. 
  2. Save. Any child accounts will automatically change to the same setting. 

Rollup Accounts and Re-parenting Accounts

If you re-parent an account, the type of the account will change to match its new parent account.

  • You could change Average Daily Payables - Office Expense to roll up to a periodic account. Choose a periodic account from the Rolls up to field. The Type will automatically change. See Reorganize Account Structure.
  • You could also select the rollup account, Average Daily Payables -- Total company. Change its type to periodic. This will change all the child accounts too.

Accounts Type Setting that You Can't Change

  • Metric and cube metric.
  • Assumptions, and cube and modeled assumptions: These accounts are always periodic.
  • General ledger accounts. To change the type of a general ledger account, see Reorganize Account Structure.