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Reference: Custom Account Groups Fields and Settings

Describes each of the account settings for group accounts.

 Audience: Administrators who manage the model.

An account group, is a folder-like organization tool that contains accounts in the account lists, without summing the totals. 

To learn more about accounts, see the Accounts guide. To learn more about account groups, see Organize Accounts with Groups.

Field Description

Required. No default.

Identifies the name of the account as it to appears on sheets, reports, and charts. Enter any combination of characters, spaces, and special characters. The account name does not need to be unique.

Short Name

Optional. No default.

Identifies the name of the account as it appears on dashboard charts. Use if the account name is long. Enter any combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

Rolls up to

Optional. Default: the root or group highlighted in the list. 

Identifies the parent group. Group accounts can only roll up to other groups or the root account. 


Optional. No default.

Describes the account. Enter any combination of letters, numbers, special characters and spaces.

Account Attributes

Optional. Only available if your model has account attributes. No default.

Tags the account you're editing with account attributes. The number of drop-downs match the number of account attributes available. Select an attribute value from any or each of the drop-downs. 

Start Expanded

Required. Only available for rollup and root accounts. 

Determines if the account is expanded on sheets to show child accounts when you first open the sheet.

Each person who opens a sheet can change their sheet view and save it as their default, which can override this setting.  Choose:

  • Yes (default): Expanded to show child accounts by default.
  • No: Collapsed by default.
Data Entry  Sheet Type

Required. Only visible for custom group accounts.  Default: Standard or the same as the parent account or group. 

Specifies the type of sheets you can add the account to when building sheets. Choose:

  • Standard: Can add the account to any number of standard sheets. 
  • Cube: Can add the account to any number of standard sheets and up to one cube sheet. 


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