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Find the Sheets that Use an Account

Explains how to find accounts in your model. Find the sheets that use the accounts, or find accounts in their hierarchies.

Audience: Administrators who manage the model.

The Model Overview displays your entire model in a graphic. You can search accounts and find:

  • Where they're located in sheets
  • Where they're located in the accounts menu (custom, assumption, metric, general ledger).
  • Other accounts they're connected to by formula or links.



Navigation Icon5.png From the nav menu, select Model > Model Overview

Model Overview Interface Tour

1 Select a version and 2 a level.

3 Type the name of the account in the search field and find the account in the list of search results.

model overview

In the following examples, we searched for Service Revenue.

Find the Sheets

In the search results, highlight the account name to filter the graphic model of your instance. The graphic shows only parts of the model that are related to the account. The filtered graphic in the example shows that Service Revenue displays on one sheet: the Functional P&L sheet. 

Find Sheets

Find the Account Path

The graphic shows both the custom and general ledger (GL) account clusters. To find which cluster holds the accounts, in the search results, hover over the account to see the account path. In this example, the path indicates that Service Revenue is a custom account.

Double-click on the Custom cluster and select the Custom Administration link. A new tab opens to the custom account list where you can locate the account following the path. Custom Functional P&L Accounts > Revenue. Select the account and view or edit the settings.

Follow the account path

Find Connected Accounts

Double-click the solid arrow between the clusters to see where and how the account connects the two clusters. The table shows that the reference is through a formula. This means that the data is entered in the general ledger, and then calculated in the custom account. 

Account connected by formula.png

Search by the name of the connected general ledger account to find which sheets it is on.

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