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Change Level Availability in Versions

Explains how to hide levels from versions.

Audience: Administrators who manage the model. 

Level Availability is a level setting: 

Level Availability setting

How Level Availability Works

When a level isn't available in a version, you don't see that level when you're working in that version.

  • By default, all levels are automatically available to all versions, including new ones.
  • If a level's parent level is available to a version, you can choose to make the child level available or not.
  • If a level's parent is not available to a version, the setting is read-only for the version. 
  • For the top level, the setting is read-only and set to Available in versions for all versions. 
  • For all levels, the setting for root actuals is read-only and always available.

Why Limit Level Availability in Versions

  • When the level represents a subsidiary or department that no longer exists. If you delete the level, you'll lose the historical data from your actuals and prior plan versions. Instead, set an end date for your actuals version.
  • When the level represents a new subsidiary or department, set a start date for your actuals versions. 

Before You Begin

  • New to Levels? See Levels Overview and Levels Interface Tour.
  • Required permission: Model Management Access > Organization Structure
  • Additional permissions: Model Management Access > Structure Import to import bulk updates.

When you make a level unavailable in a version, you delete all the data for the level in the version, even locked versions.

How You Get There

Navigation Icon5.png From the nav menu, select Modeling. From the Levels and Dimension menu, select Levels.

Change Level Availability

Save the level setting between each version selection.

  1. Highlight the level from the level list.
  2. Choose a version from the Version Selector drop-down. 
  3. Clear or check the Available in version checkbox. 
  4. Save.

Change Root Actuals Availability

For root actuals you can set a start and end date for each level. 

  1. Highlight the level from the level list.
  2. Select the root actuals from the Version selector drop-down.
  3. Edit Actuals End and Actuals Start:
    • For Actuals Start, choose a time period, such as January 2018. In your actuals, you'll only see the level from January 2018 onward. 
    • For Actuals End, choose a time period, such as March 2018. In your actuals version, you will see the level though March 2018. 
    • Create a span: Select a Start and End.
  4. Save.

In the standard sheet, the level is available from January 2016 to March 2016:

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