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Reference: Inherited or Cloned Level Settings and Data

Describes the level settings and data that are inherited by parent levels and copied by clones.

Audience: Administrators who manage the model. 

For definitions of all the level settings, see  Reference: Level Fields and Settings

Inherited Settings 

Review the table to understand how settings trickle down when you make edits to parent levels.

Setting edited in parent Edit propagates to child levels
Level Owners
Workflow In
Version & Availability
Elimination Level
Elimination Trading Partner
Level Attributes ✓ 
Level Dimensions You get a prompt to choose yes or no.


New Compared to Clones

Review the table to understand:

  • Settings that copy when you clone or create new. 
  • Inherited settings that you can still edit and can't edit.
  • Cloned settings that can change when you reparent a clone.
Data Type or Setting New level inherits from parent New level copies from clone
Level Owners You can assign more owners, but you can't remove owners. ✓ unless reparented
In Workflow  You can remove the new level from workflow. ✓ unless reparented
Currency You can change the currency.
Version & Availability You can remove level availability, but you can't add level availability. ✓ unless reparented
Elimination Level   ✓ unless reparented
Elimination Trading Partner If the parent is a trading partner, the new level must be a trading partner. ✓ unless reparented
Level Attributes Inherited level attributes are read-only unless the parent level's attribute is a parent attribute with child attributes. The child level inherits the same attribute, but you can choose any of the child attributes. ✓ unless reparented
Level Dimensions You can change the dimensions.

You can remove assigned sheets, but you can't add assigned sheets.

✓ unless reparented
Shared formulas in all unlocked versions New child levels inherit the parent's shared formulas.

If you reparent , it retains the inherited shared formulas.

You can edit shared formulas. 

✓ If you reparent the cloned level, it retains the shared formulas of the clone.
Hard-coded values and formulas   ✓ except for actuals versions and locked versions
Sheet and cell notes in all versions  
Audit Trail    
Use within rules in all versions   
Import  mappings    
Export mappings
Availability in report parameters   
  • If the original level is a filter option on a report, the cloned level appears as another filter option. 
  • If the original level is in the rows or columns of a report, the cloned level does not affect the report. 

  • If the original level's parent is also in the rows and columns, then the clone appears expanded on the report when you expand the parent.