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Workday Adaptive Planning KB

Search for Levels

Explains how to search for levels in the level hierarchy and how to navigate search results that span more than one page.

Audience: Administrators who manage the model. 

Before You Begin

  • New to Levels? See Levels Overview and Levels Interface Tour.
  • Required permission: Model Management Access > Organization Structure
  • Additional permissions: Model Management Access > Structure Import to import bulk updates.

How You Get There

Navigation Icon5.png From the nav menu, select Modeling. From the Levels and Dimension menu, select Levels.

Search for Levels

In the Search bar, enter one or more keywords and click the adminSearch.png. A list of matches appears in the Search tab. If the results span more than one page, use buttons at the bottom of the tab to navigate:

goToFirstPage.png Return to the first page.
goToPreviousPage.png Return to the previous page.
pageNumberField.png Jump to a specified page. Enter the page number and press enter.
goToNextPage.png Go to the next page.
goToLastPage.png Go to the last page.
refreshSearch.png Refresh the results.
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