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Workday Adaptive Planning KB

Levels Toolbar

Describes the toolbar buttons for levels, or the organization structure.

 Audience: Administrators who manage the model. 

See Levels for links to related articles. 

Button: Description:
createNewLevel.png Creates levels.
createNewLinkedLevel.png Multi-instance solutions. Creates levels that link to another instance
cloneLevel.png Clones leaf-levels. 
moveUp.pngmoveDown.png Moves levels up or down the list within the same parent level.
printView.png Exports all levels and settings for each into an Excel file. 
exportLevelAccess.png Exports all levels and the users assigned to each level into an Excel file.  


Downloads the structure template.

Imports completed template for bulk updates. 

Permission: Model Management Access > Structure Import.

adminSaveDetail.png Saves changes.
adminCancelDetailChange.png Discards changes to level settings.
expandAll.png collapseAll.png Expands or collapses the settings sections. 
More Actions.png Multi-instance solutions. Opens linked level settings. See Refresh Linked Levels.
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