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Workday Adaptive Planning Knowledge Center

Level Fields and Settings

Describes the fields and settings for levels, or your organization structure.

See Create, Clone, or Edit Levels for how-to steps. 

Level Details

Field: Description:

Identifies the level.  Must be unique. Text, numbers, symbols, or any combination. 


Short Name

Identifies the level on dashboards charts. 

Rolls up to Sets the level's parent, or rollup level. See Parent or Reparent Levels.

Level owners

Level owners are users with access to the data stored at the level. Level owners also have additional managerial administrative privileges.

If your instance uses access rules, the level owners settings does not grant users access to the level.

See Assign Level Ownership to Users. 

Linked To

Mulit-instance only.

Lists  instances that connect to and beneath the instance in which you're working. 

Use the links to map the accounts  and dimensions, or refresh the data to reflect the most current data in the linked instance. See  Multi-Instances.

In workflow

Must enable Workflow.

Determines if the level is part of the Workflow approval process. 

Read-only if parent level setting is No.


Sets the currency for the level and let's you add new currencies.  


Shows where the model references the level.

Elimination Settings

Field: Description:

Elimination level

Must enable consolidation.

Allows  the level to eliminate transactions between child levels tagged as trading partners. See Eliminations.


Elimination trading partner  or custom label

Must enable consolidation.

Allows transactions to take place between this level and other trading partners.  

Available only when a parent or its parents are elimination levels.

Read-only  if the parent is an elimination trading partner. 

 Version and Availability Settings

Field: Description:

Version selector

Identifies versions where the level is available. Save one version availability at a time.

Available in version

Indicates that the level is available in the selected version. The level doesn't appear in versions that are not checked. See Change Level Availability in Versions.

Read-only when you select root actuals. All levels are available in root actuals.  

Read-only for the top level, which is always available in all versions.

Actuals Start and Actuals End

Available if you select actuals from the Version selector drop-down.

Sets the exact start and end period of the level's availability in actuals.

Level Attributes

Field: Description:
A drop-down menu for each of your model's attributes 

Tags the level with the attribute values you select from the drop-down. 

Your model must have level attributes. See Level Dimensions and Attributes.

 Level Dimension

Field: Description:
A drop-down menu for each of your model's dimensions

Tags the level with dimension values you select from the drop-down. 

Your model must have dimensions that you tagged as level dimensions. See Level Dimensions and Attributes.


Field: Description:
A list of the level-assigned sheets created in your model Assigns sheets to the level. The level does not appear in the sheets that you don't select. 
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