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Workday Adaptive Planning Knowledge Center

Version Locking Options

Explains what locks and doesn't lock in the model for each version locking option.

 See Lock or Hide Versions for step-by-step instructions. 

The lists provided here are not comprehensive but cover the most common conditions.

Lock Exceptions

For all locking methods, data is not locked when you:

  • Change the model hierarchies: Includes moving, reparenting, or deleting accounts, levels, dimensions, and attributes,
  • Reset the calendar.
  • Change properties: Includes changing an account type, or rollup type, and changing attribute and dimension tags for levels and accounts. 
  • Enable or change actuals overlay.
  • Edit, add, or remove non-version dependent formulas: Includes metric accounts, master formulas, modeled calculated accounts, cube calculated accounts  
  • Use system accounts: Includes allocations, eliminations, minority interest, CTA.

What Locks Based on Chosen Options

The version settings that lock or hide versions are:

Lock and hide version settings.png

The table shows what you can do based on the locking method you choose:

ACTIONS 1 Check the Locked Version Checkbox (plan version only) 2 Select Locked from Access Controls per user type 2 Select Import and Notes  from  Access Control 2 Select Locked Except Notes from Access Control 3 Select Lock Leading Months
Can you edit data in sheets?


No No No No
Can you  edit initial balances on cube and standard sheets? No No No No No
Can you edit/write shared formulas ? No No No No No
Can you copy data and formulas from one level into a cloned level? No No No No Yes
Can you edit initial balances on modeled sheets? No No No No Yes

Will new levels inherit the shared formulas of parent levels?

No No No No Yes
Can you import data? No No Yes Yes Yes
Can you edit/add cell notes? No No Yes Yes Yes
Can you move actuals overlay forward on plans? No Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Can you submit, approve or reject workflow levels? No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can you export data? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can you edit allocations and elimination rules? No No No No No


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