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Lock or Hide Versions

Explains how to hide or lock versions, and what happens to data. Also describes what can still change in a locked version.

Lock versions to prevent your team, or some of your team, from editing the version's data. Locked versions remain visible and accessible in sheets, reports, and charts.

Hide versions to prevent your team, or some of your team, from seeing the version at all. Hide versions that hold old data, irrelevant data, or data you don't want visible to the entire team.

The version settings that lock and hide versions are:

Lock and hide version settings

1 The Locked Version checkbox locks the entire version for all users, including master formulas and other account formulas. Available for plans only.

2 The Access Control drop-downs lets you choose various degrees of locking and hiding per user type. See Version Access Control.

3 The Lock Leading Months Through setting locks pasts periods while keeping future periods editable for all users.

How Hidden and Locked Versions Work

Hidden Versions

When you hide a version, it is not available to view in sheets, reports, or dashboards. You won't see hidden versions in the version selector or in the elements of charts and reports. 

The one exception is if you hide actuals versions that you use as actuals overlay for plan versions. Anyone who can see the plan version can also see the actuals data that overlays it. 

Locked Versions

In the version selector of sheets, locked versions have a lock icon.

When you select a locked version in sheets, you can't edit the cells of any account in that version. 

When you lock a version, all account formulas also lock for the version. The account formulas become read-only, override formulas. To edit the override the formulas for locked versions, you must first unlock the version. See Edit Account Formulas and Override Formulas. 

You can affect or delete data in locked and hidden versions if you:

  • Change the structure of the model, including levels, accounts, custom dimensions, attributes or calendar structure. 
  • Update actuals data that plan formulas reference. To prevent this, you can lock the leading months of the actuals version.

For a list of what locks and what doesn't lock, see Version Locking Options


Required permissions:

  • Model Management Access > Model 
  • Model Management Access > Versions.


Compass.png From the nav menu, select Modeling. Then, from the Versions and Time menu, select Versions.

From the version list, select the version to hide or lock. 

Lock Entire Plan Versions

Use this setting to lock a plan version for all users.

Check the Locked Version checkbox: 

Plan Version Access Controls.png

This automatically updates the selections for all user types:

  • It automatically selects Locked Except Notes for all user types that had Full Access, or Import and Notes Only.
  • It keeps Locked or Hidden selected.

To change the access per user type after you check Locked Version:

  1. First, uncheck Locked Version. 
  2. Choose different access from each user type's drop-down.  Full Access or Import and Notes Only unlocks the version. 

Choose the Calculate Formula Values Option

This option is only available for plan versions that have Locked Version checked. Use it to preserve the calculated results of formulas and references in most accounts and to increase the performance of locked versions.

This option does not lock cumulative calculations. Although cumulative accounts do calculate the delta per time period, they do not use formulas to do so. 


Explore Cells in Locked Versions with Calculate Formula Values

Be prepared to see data that may not make sense as you explore cells or view the data in the sheets of locked versions with this option. The formula shown is current and is not necessarily the formula that calculated the value when you locked the version. The Evaluated Formula shows what the cell currently points to, not what it pointed to at the time the version was locked.

In the example, the explored cell uses a formula that pulls data from actuals overlay. The Evaluated Formula shows the value of 500 multiplied by 3, which does not compute with the calculated value of 576,602. This is because:

  • The actuals data changed after the calculations locked. 
  • The formula changed after the calculations locked. 

Explore Cell with Calculate Formula Locked.png

Lock Entire Actuals Versions

You cannot completely lock your actuals versions. Instead, use the Access Controls to limit who can update the data. To effectively lock the actuals version in sheets:

  1. Select an actuals version that is not a rollup from the version list. 
  2. Choose Import and Notes Only or Full Access for Administrators to allow a limited amount of users to import your actuals.
  3. Choose Locked for all other Users to prevent anyone else from updating the data.
  4. Save.


Actuals version that are rollups, or have sub-versions, are always locked. You update the data by updating their sub-versions.

Hide or Lock Versions with Access Controls

Use these settings to lock the version per user type.

Lock Actuals and Plan Versions

Choose one of these options for any plan, or leaf-level journal entry and actuals version. A leaf-level version is not a parent version:

  • Import and Notes Only
    Unavailable for virtual versions. The user type can import data and update notes. They can't update data in sheets.
  • Locked Except Notes
    Unavailable for virtual versions. The user type can't update data or import data. They can update notes.
  • Locked
    Available for all. The user type can't update data or notes, or import data. 

Hide Plan Versions

For any version, choose Hidden. The user type can't see the version or its data at all. 

Hide Actuals Versions

When you hide a parent actuals, you hide all the versions that roll up to it. The Access Controls for the sub-versions are ignored. 

But you may access the data of the hidden version if you use the version as actuals overlay on a plan that is not hidden. Anyone who can see the plan version, can see the actuals data, although it is locked.  

Change the Access for Groups

Groups are set up in Administration > Global User Groups, where you can add users new or existing groups. To change the version access for Group: 

  1. First review the current access of each group. To do this, you must click Export Version Access ExportVersionAccess2.png from the toolbar. An Excel spreadsheet downloads to your computer. 
  2. Open the spreadsheet and sort by version.
  3. Review each group's access for the version. 
  4. To make changes, go to Modeling > Versions, and select the version from the version list.
  5. Select the group from the Group drop-down.
  6. Select the access from the Access Level drop-down.
    Group version access
  7. To choose access for another group, save the version between each group you select.

Make Actuals Sub-Version Visible

The Access Controls of actuals is inherited from the root down the hierarchy. Regardless of a version's access control, the versions is only visible if its parent is visible. 

To make an actuals sub-version visible:

  1. Select the root actuals and update the Access Controls to Visible
  2. Select the next parent sub-version and update the Access Controls to Visible. Repeat for any parent sub-version in the hierarchy until you have reached the version that you want visible. 
  3. Select the version that has no rollups and update the Access Controls to one of the visible options (any except Hidden will do). 

Lock Portions of Versions with Lock Leading Months

Use this setting to lock past time periods of the version for all. If you lock leading months, those with full access in the access control settings can edit the portions of the version that aren't locked. Those with limited access control can't edit the portions that are locked or unlocked.  

When sheets have a larger time segment than the version, (the sheet is by quarter and the version is by month), the sheet will be locked through the end of its previous segment. For example, if you have locked a version through April, a sheet displaying quarters will be locked through March, the end of Q1. See Lock or Hide Versions.

If you use this setting to lock a period of time, it overrides Access Controls. For example, if you select Full Access for Users, users can't edit the specified time periods. If you leave this setting blank, the version is editable except as defined in the Access Controls. See Lock or Hide Versions and Version Access Controls.

To lock leading months, select one:

Lockleading month options.png

1 Completion Month locks:

  • All actuals data in periods before and including the Completed Values Through setting of the actuals version.
  • Locks plan data through this period for accounts that don't have actuals overlay.
  • Locks plan data if the Start of Plan for the version is prior to the actual versions Completed Values Through date. You see plan data instead of actuals data, but the time periods are locked. 

2 Drop-down, where you can pick a specific period:

  • Locks all data up to and including that time period.
  • Leaves all data after that period editable to those with access.
  • Leave it blank the version is editable except as indicated by the Access Control section.

Versions with Data from Other Versions

When you select certain versions in sheets, data always appears locked because the data is actually from another version. The data in these versions is not editable, but the versions aren't locked. Data can change when the contributing versions are updated.

Versions with Locked Data Why Data Changes How to Prevent  Changes

Virtual versions

A virtual version's data comes from two other versions. The virtual version data changes when the source versions' data changes.   Consider locking the contributing versions.
Parent actuals  Parent actuals display rollup data that aggregates the data of their sub-versions. The data in a parent actuals version updates when you update sub-version data. Use the Access Controls to lock the sub-versions.
Actuals overlay portion of a locked plan Actuals overlay on a plan changes when you update the actuals version. In the actuals version,  choose Completion Month for the Lock Leading Month Through  setting.
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