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Virtual Version Fields and Settings

Describes the fields of the Version Detail screen for  virtual versions.

To create or edit virtual versions, complete the Version Details described here.

Field Name: Description:

(required) Unique name. For example: "Budget 2009" and "Profit Plan 2008 - Version 2." 

Short Name:

Overrides the automatic abbreviation of the version name.


Describes the version, but only displays on this screen.

Access Control Section

Field Name: Description:
Administrators, Users, Editable sheet access, Group, and Access level

Unlocks, locks, or hides the version for each user type. See Version Access Controls.

Virtual Version Options

Define the options for the new virtual version: 

Field Name: Description:

The plan or actuals version that will provide the base data for the virtual version.

Exchange Rates:

The version that will provide the exchange rate for the virtual version used for constant currency reporting.

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