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Move the Left Scroll Limit

Explains how to change the left scroll limit of plan versions and how the setting works with the Start of Plan, Actuals Overlay, and initial balances, also known as Pay Rate accounts.

The Left Scroll Limit is a plan version setting. It controls how far back in time you can see of the plan version on sheets. You choose the largest period of time in your calendar, most commonly the fiscal year.



How the Left Scroll Limit Works

If the Left Scroll Limit is FY2014, you can use the display options in sheets to see as far back as January 2014.

Start of Plan and End of Plan

The Start of Plan time period must come after the Left Scroll Limit. Example: If you choose FY2014 for the Left Scroll Limit, the Start of Plan must be January 2014 or later. 

The End of Plan time period must come after the Left Scroll Limit.

The Left Scroll Limit and Actuals Overlay


Assume the plan settings are:

  • Left Scroll Limit: FY2014
  • Start of Plan: January 2015


Data Display in Sheets with Actuals Overlay

Periods between the Left Scroll Limit and the Start of Plan display actuals data on the plan version from January 2014 to December 2014, even for hidden actuals versions.  

Exception: If the actuals version's Completed Values Through date is an earlier time than the Start of Plan date. Example: If the Completed Values Through date of the actuals is June 2014, the sheets display actuals data from January 2014 to June 2014. Plan data displays for all periods after that.

Left Scroll Limit and Your Calendar

The Left Scroll Limit must start at least three time periods after the first period of your configured calendar. Otherwise the initial balance for the start of your version doesn't calculate correctly.

If your month-based calendar begins on October 2016, choose a Left Scroll Limit no earlier than January 2017.

Left Scroll Limit and Initial Balances

Moving the Left Scroll Limit forward affects initial balance columns in modeled sheets.

The initial balance column in modeled sheets is an account that is often called Pay Rate. It shows the time period prior to the version's Left Scroll Limit. The account uses a formula to adjust the value for each time period in the time span. When you shift the version forward with the Left Scroll Limit, you also shift the designated time period for the initial balance.

Example: If the left scroll limit is January 2018, the initial balance displays the value of the previous period. The formula of the account increases the value time period to period, in this case yearly. 

Initial Balance (January 2017) January 2018 January 2019 January 2020
100 200 300 400

If you shift the left scroll limit one year forward, the sheet shows:

Initial Balance (January 2018) January 2019 January 202 and so on
200 300 400 ...


Move the Left Scroll Limit

If you move the Left Scroll Limit forward, you delete all the data of that version prior to your new Left Scroll Limit date. If the Left Scroll Limit is FY2014 and you change it to FY2016, you delete all the data for 2014 and 2015 in the version. 

To protect the data of the default version, you cannot change the Left Scroll Limit to be a later time period. See Change your Default Version.

To move the Left Scroll Limit:

  1. Select Modeling > Versions.
  2. From the version list, select the plan version. 
  3. In the Options settings, select a time period from the Left Scroll Limit drop-down list. Choose a period that is before the End of Plan and the Start of Plan.
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