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Create and Change Virtual Versions

Explains how to create or edit virtual versions, or versions used for constant currency reporting.

Virtual versions are composites of other versions. You can use them for scenario-based planning and constant currency reporting.

How Virtual Versions Work

Virtual versions allow you to report the variances between the original exchange rate version and the virtual version without having to consider how exchange rate fluctuations impact the data. 

To enable constant currency, create a virtual version. A virtual version is a read-only composite of a base version, used for the data, and an exchange rate version, used for the rates to translate the base version data. You can choose an exchange rate set from another version or a different time period, such as the prior year. In the new virtual version you see the base version's data, modified by the exchange rate you chose. Now, the exchange rate of the virtual version and the original version is constant.


Create Virtual Versions

With virtual versions, you combine versions to support planning and analytics.

  1. Select Modeling > Versions.
  2. To add the version to a folder, select the plan folder in the version list. 
  3. From the toolbar, click Create New Virtual Version.

  4. For Base Version, select the version that provides the data.

  5. Click the Edit link to the right of the Exchange Rates.
  6. In the pop-up window, select the version that provides the exchange rate.
    The virtual version applies this rate to the base data.
  7. (Optional) Select or clear the Enable Constant Currency Reporting check box. 
    • If you chose a plan version with actuals overlay for the exchange rate version, click this option to apply the plan rate for periods with actuals overlay. Leave it blank to apply the actuals rate for periods with actuals overlay. See Set Up or Turn Off Actuals Overlay.
    • If you chose an actuals version for the exchange rate version, selecting or leaving the option blank has no affect. The virtual version uses the actuals exchange rate for all periods.
  8. (Optional) If creating a virtual version with rates from a different period:
    1. Enter the number of time periods, most likely months. 
    2. Click the Forward or Backward radio button to shift the version.
    3. Click Apply.
  9. After you save, you can drag and drop the new version within folders and subfolders of the plan list only.

See Example:Constant Currency Reporting with Virtual Versions

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