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Change Your Default Plan Version

Explains how to  change the default version of your instance.

The default version:

  • Must be a plan version
  • Is the default for your entire team
  • Is bold in the version drop-down 

When you view sheets, you view the default version data until you select a different version. When you view reports and dashboards, you view the default version's data unless the builder of the report or dashboard specified a different version. 

You choose the default version in the settings of the version: 

Default Version Setting.png

Before You Begin

  • New to Versions? See Version Overview and Version Types.
  • Required permission: Model Management Access > Model and Model Management Access > Versions

How You Get There

Compass.png From the nav menu, select Modeling. Then, from the Versions and Time menu, select Versions.

Basic Steps 

  1. From the version list, select the plan that you want to make the default. 
  2. In the settings, check the Default option.
  3. Save the version. 

You can't uncheck the Default option in the settings of the default version. Instead, follow the steps above to choose a different plan for the default.

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