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Journal Entry Version Fields and Settings

Describes the fields of the Version Detail screen for journal entry versions.

Journal entry versions are a type of sub-version that allows consolidation instances to maintain the integrity of their imported actuals. Instead of changing the data, you create journal entries that adjust the data. These adjustments must be balanced, meaning that the sum of all debits in an adjustment must be equal to the sum of all credits before the journal entry can be posted. Create multiple journal entry versions for IFRS to GAAP, Accruals, and reclassifications.

To create or edit journal entry versions, complete the Version Details described here.   


General Section

Field Name: Description:

(required) Unique name. For example: "Budget 2009" and "Profit Plan 2008 - Version 2." 

Short Name

Overrides the automatic abbreviation of the version name.


Describes the version, but only displays on this screen.

Journal entry numbering

Sets how journal entries will be numbered. Choose:

  • None: Eliminates journal entry numbering.

  • Automatic: Auto-generates the numbers for journal entries. If selected, enter the Prefix (for example, TAX) and a Starting number (for example, 1000).

  • Manual:The person who is creating the journal entry creates the number. If selected, enter the Prefix (for example, TAX) and a Starting number (for example, 1000). 

Access Control Section

Field Name Description
Administrators, Users, Privileged actuals access, Group, and Access level

Unlocks, locks, or hides the version for each user type. See Version Access Controls.


Field Name: Field Description:
Audit Trail

Tracks user changes to data in sheets, through imports, and from updates made in the Formulas Tab. With this setting, users can create audit trail searches in Reports.

If you uncheck this option for a version, all previously recorded audit trail information for that version is deleted.

Drill into Transactions

(available only with transaction module) Enables the ability to drill into transactions for the version. See Transaction Reports and Drill Through. This option only works for transaction drill-through and does not work for NetSuite drill-through. The default setting shows raw transaction reports. If a version with this option enabled is cloned, the clone defaults with this setting.


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