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Actuals Sub-Version Fields and Settings

Describes the fields of the Version Detail screen for actuals sub-versions.

Sub-versions are slices of your actuals, created under an existing actuals version in the version tree. The data of each sub-version rolls up to the data displayed in actuals; that is, data is not duplicated. You can have any number of sub-versions under actuals, and sub-versions can also have sub-versions.  Create actuals sub-versions to organize and filter your actuals in different ways.

You see a limited amount of settings for sub-versions because they inherit most settings from the root actuals versions. When you update the settings of root actuals, you automatically update the inherited settings of the sub-actuals. The settings explained here are specific for the sub-actuals and don't change with updated root actuals.

See: Versions for overview information about versions, Create and Edit Actuals Versions for step-by-step instructions and Versions Types for use-cases and a details about sub-version rollup values and editable versions. 

Actuals versions have different fields.   

General Section

Field Name Description

(required) Unique name. For example: "Budget 2009" and "Profit Plan 2008 - Version 2." 

Short Name

Overrides the automatic abbreviation of the version name.


Describes the version, but only displays on this screen.

Access Control Section

Field Name Description
Administrators, Users, Privileged actuals access, Group, and Access level

Unlocks, locks, or hides the version for each user type. See Version Access Controls.



Field Name Description
Audit Trail

Tracks user changes to data in sheets, through imports, and from updates made in the Formulas Tab. With this setting, users can create audit trail searches in Reports.

If you uncheck this option for a version, all previously recorded audit trail information for that version is deleted.

Drill into Transactions

(available only with transaction module) Enables the ability to drill into transactions for the version. See Transaction Reports and Drill Through. This option only works for transaction drill-through and does not work for NetSuite drill-through. The default setting shows raw transaction reports. If a version with this option enabled is cloned, the clone defaults with this setting.


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