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Reference: Version Toolbar

Describes the actions you can take from the version toolbar.

See Concept: Versions for general information about versions.

Icon Description
Creates sub-actuals version. See Create and Edit Actuals Versions.
Creates journal entry versions for consolidation. See Create and Edit Journal Entry Versions.
Creates virtual version. See Create and Edit Virtual Versions.
Creates folder for organizing plan versions.

Displays drop-down menu where you can select:

  • Create plan version.
  • Create prediction version.

See Create and Edit Plan Versions and Create Machine Learning Prediction Versions.

Exports version list and details to an Excel spreadsheet.
Exports version access controls to an Excel spreadsheet.
Deletes highlighted version. See Delete Versions.
Saves edits to the selected version's settings.
Discards pending edits to the selected version's setting.
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