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Workday Adaptive Planning Knowledge Center

Managing the Model

Product documentation for building your model. Learn how to create and manage sheets, formulas, and model foundation, such as versions, levels, accounts, dimensions, and attributes,

Article type: Guide
  • Concept: Model Design Best PracticesIntroduces you to some generic best practices for the structure of a planning model covering levels, accounts, dimensions, and versions.
  • VersionsProduct documentation for managing versions as an administrator.
  • LevelsProduct documentation for managing levels as an administrator.
  • AccountsProduct documentation for managing accounts as an administrator.
  • Custom Dimensions and AttributesProduct documentation for managing custom dimensions and attributes as an administrator.
  • Building SheetsProduct documentation for building sheets for your model.
  • Time and CalendarsProduct documentation about managing time and calendar setup as an administrator.
  • FormulasProduct documentation for creating formulas, including more conceptual information and examples.
  • CurrenciesProduct documentation about managing currencies as administrators.
  • Allocation RulesProduct documentation for managing allocations rules as an administrator.
  • ConsolidationsProduct documentation for the consolidation capability.
  • Reporting Dashboards and AnnouncementsProduct documentation for reporting dashboards and announcements as an administrator.
  • TransactionsProduct documentation for managing transactions as an administrator.
  • Concept: Visual Model OverviewDescription of the visual model overview.


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