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How To Create And Add A New Account To A Standard Sheet


We didn't originally use AP to forecast FICA Tax expense, but now we would like to add this. I want to build an Assumption to hold the FICA Tax rate and then add this to my Personnel Assumptions sheet? How can this be done?


Steps to add a new account and place them on a User-Assigned sheet are located below. Similar steps can be followed to create Custom or Metric accounts and to place them on a level-dependent Standard sheet.

  1. The first thing we need to do is create the new Assumption accounts to hold the FICA % and FICA Max. To do this we can go to Admin > Manage Your Assumptions and click on the New Assumption button.
  2. After the accounts are created, we then need to add them to the Assumptions sheet. To do this we can go to Admin > Manage User Sheets - Restricted by User > Edit Assumptions > Edit Account Groups. From here, we can search for the Assumption accounts added in Step 1 and then click Add to Group.
  3. After steps 1 & 2 have been completed, if we go to Home, navigate to the Assumptions tab and then select the Assumptions sheet, we will see our two new accounts, FICA % and FICA Max.
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