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Transaction Field Types

Field Categories Description

Required Fields

The following field types must be present in the definition and cannot be deleted. These required fields must always be defined and they must be populated.

  • Level Field: Represents the organizational level to which the transaction or line item belongs. Transactions cannot be associated with linked levels.

  • Account Field: Represents the Adaptive account to which the transaction or the line item belongs. The list of valid accounts with which a transaction line item can be associated are General Ledger, Custom, and Assumption accounts that hold Actuals data in Adaptive Planning.

Transactions cannot be associated with cube or modeled accounts for Adaptive Planning.  In Adaptive Insights for Sales, you can create number fields named for the cube sheet account codes you want a transaction to associate with. See Managing Transaction Tables for Sales Planning for more details.

  • Transaction Type Field: A text selector that allows you to specify the type of the transaction such as Bill, Invoice, Journal Entry, etc. This list comes pre-populated with a common list of transaction type values, however you can add, change, and remove entries as needed.

  • Posting Date: Represents the date on which the transaction is posted to the GL. This is a date field used to identify the month and year to which the transaction belongs in Adaptive.

  • Transaction Amount field: Represents the amount for a line item in a transaction. This is a number field.

Data Fields

The following field types can be added to create custom transaction fields.

  • Text Fields:  Contains any characters and limited to 1000 characters per field, in each transaction line. If you attempt to import more than the allowed 1000 characters into a field, the field will be truncated and you will get a warning message informing you of this.

  • Number Fields: Contains only numeric data. You can specify the display format (Number, Currency, or Percent) and the decimal precision.

  • Date Fields: Contains only date data.

  • Text Selector Fields: Contains a predefined set of values as a drop-down list. Administrators can specify the set of values present in the Text Selector list.

Dimension Fields

Any of the custom dimensions present in your model can be used as a field for a transaction. These custom dimensions get listed on the field panel. Each dimension can appear only once in the transaction definition.

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