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Deleting a Version

There are some versions that cannot be deleted. They are:

  • The top actuals version
  • A locked version
  • The default version
  • The only planning version in the system (with the exception of standalone Consoli­dation models, there must be at least one planning version)
  • A Journal Entry version that has journal entries. All entries must be manually deleted first.

Warning: Deleting a version cannot be undone. Be certain deletion is neces­sary and select the version you intend to delete!

To delete a version:

  1. Navigate to Modeling > Model Management and click Versions.

  2. On the Add, Edit, or Delete Versions screen, select the version you want to delete. (If the version is locked, unlock it first. If the version is the default planning version, you must make another version the default.)

  3. Click Delete.


Deleting a version can take up to several minutes, depending on how much data is being deleted.

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