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Creating and Managing Announcements

Announcements are a way for administrators to display information for Adaptive Planning users. Announcements can include reports, HTML files, and text files. For example, you could create an HTML file with information about an upcoming company event, then upload that file to an announcement page. When you create a new announcement page, you can choose which users will see the announcements. You can create multiple announcement pages.

Create Announcements

To create a new announcement: 

  1. On Reports, upload a file into Shared Reports.

  2. Navigate to: Modeling > Model Management > Others > Announcement Pages.  A list of announcements appears.

  3. Click New Announcement Page

  4. Enter a Name for the announcement page. This is the name users will see on the Announcements menu.

  5. Specify which levels the announcement is Visible on. When you're finished selecting levels, click Done.

  6. Navigate through Shared Reports (on the left side) and locate a file to add to the announcement page. You can also search for files. Only one report or file can be displayed at a time.
  7. Drag the file to the layout area.

  8. Save  your changes.

Manage Announcements

To manage announcements:

Navigate to: Modeling > Model Management > Others > Announcement Pages. A list of announcements appears.

  • You can use the links to Edit, Delete, or Rename announcements. When you delete, only the announcement page is deleted, the file or report you used to create the announcement is still available in Shared Reports
  • Use the Move buttons to reorder the list of pages in the Announcements menu. 

Rules for Using HTML Tags and Images

Images used in announcements must be hosted at a location accessible from your web browser. Locations could be internal web servers or a shared drive. The location of the image must be accessible by your users.

The following is a list of the HTML tags that you can and cannot use on announcement pages.

Permitted Not Permitted

html, head, body, b, p, i, s, a, img, table, thead, tbody, tfoot, tr, th, td, dd, dl, dt, em, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, li, ul, ol, span, div, strike, strong, sub, sup, pre, del, code, blockquote, strike, kbd, br, hr, area, map, object, embed, param, link, form, small, big

script, object, embed, style, link, form, input

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