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Add or Edit Currencies

To add, edit or delete currencies, go to Modeling > Model ManagementCurrencies to open Manage Currencies.

Add Currencies

You can create two different types of currencies: standard currencies, or user defined currencies, which lets you define the currency however you like.

Manage Currencies page with the add new links highlighted.

  1. Go to Modeling > Model Management and click Currencies from the Other menu.
  2. Click:
    • Add Standard Currency and choose from the list of standard currencies. You can start typing the name of the country or the full name of the currency into the search field to find it. Don't search by abbreviation.
    • Add User Defined Currency to create your own currency. Enter a Currency Name and a Currency Code. See User Defined Currency.

Currency codes requirements: alpha-numeric, no spaces, no special characters, and 4-8 characters long.

  1. From the Decimal places dropdown, select the amount of decimal places you want the currency to show in your model.
  2. As an option, select Create default reporting rates
    When this box is checked, the system creates direct exchange rates between the new currency and all other active currencies in the system. See Default Reporting Rates.
  3. Click Save.

The rate for user defined currencies is blank for actual versions, and 1 for planning versions until you change it.  To enter exchange rates,  go to Modeling > Model Management > Exchange Rates.

Edit Currencies

  1. Go to Modeling > Model Management and click Currencies from the Other menu.
  2. Click the Edit link next to currency. 
    • For standard currencies, you can change the decimal places and choose the default reporting rate option.
    • For user defined currencies, you can also change the currency name.
  3. Click Save.

Delete Currencies

  1. Check that the currency is not used on any current levels. For a currency to be deleted, it must not be in use.
  2. If the currency is in use, go to Modeling > Model Management and click Levels to change the currency assigned to a level. Setting a currency for a parent level applies that currency to all sub-levels.
  3. Go to Modeling > Model Management and click Currencies.
  4. Click Delete next to the currency you want to delete.
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