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Modeled Sheet Builder: Sheet Elements and Column Properties

Reference topic: Lists choices for sheet elements and column properties on modeled sheets.

When you build a modeled sheet, you add sheet elements (Data Entry Columns, Dimensions, Attributes, Display Columns) and set properties for each sheet element. The properties you can set depend on the type of element you add. Refer to Column Properties Reference below. 

Column Properties Reference

Properties Options Column Type
General Properties Name: Users can change the display name of the column on the sheet.

Code: Read only code for the dimension.

Read only: The column is read only for sheet users and cannot be edited (except by Import).

  Edit text selector on sheet:  Users (with Edit Dimension on Sheet permission) can edit the text selector on the sheet. If this property is selected, the dimension picker includes an Edit text selector option. Data Entry Column: Text Selector
  Edit dimension on sheet: Users (with Edit Dimension on Sheet permission) can edit the dimension on the sheet. If this option is selected, the dimension picker includes an Edit dimension option. All Custom Dimensions
  Show in edit mode: Enables users to view the level currency column in View Rollups mode. Display Column: Level Currency
  Split: Allows splits of a row to have different values. The Split option on a dimension is available only when the modeled sheet property is set to Allow splits. All column types, except: Display Column: Level Currency


Show total at bottom:The sheet includes a read-only totals row (visible to sheet users). This row is the sum of all rows displayed on the sheet and displays a total for any column that has this property set.

For split modeled sheets, if both parent and children row splits are visible on the sheet, then only the parent rollup is used in the total.

  • Data Entry Column: Numeric
  • Data Entry Column: Initial Balance
  • Data Entry Column: Timespan
  • Display Column: All display columns, except: Level Currency
  Show toggle switch: The checkbox element displays as a toggle switch on the sheet.

Only available with Adaptive Insights for Sales

Date Entry Column: Checkbox
Dimension Properties Lists all possible dimension values for a dimension. Select which the values to include on the sheet. You can select all or some of the dimension values.Users will see these values when adding or editing rows on the sheet. All Custom Dimensions
Display Properties These properties specify the Rollup Range - the range of the time periods used to calculate the value of the column. 

Reference Time Period: Select a time period to use as a basis for the start of the time range to be evaluated. The following options are defined in Version administration for each version:

  • First non-actuals time period
  • Start of Plan

Start of Rollup Range: Specify where the evaluation should begin relative to the reference month, quarter, or year.

Number of time periods in the Rollup Range: Specify the number of months to roll up - starting with the month specified as the Start of Rollup Range.

All  Display Columns
Level Properties Select all or some levels that you want to include in the modeled sheet. You can browse or search for specific levels. Level only
Text Selector

Defines the list of values that are available to users when editing a cell on the sheet.  Users must have Edit Dimension on Sheet permission to edit the cell.

A text selector  is similar to a dimension, where a text selector is specific to a modeled sheet and a dimension can be added to any sheet. The set of text selector values you define are used for all versions.

To create a new value, type the name of the value and click Add.

 Edit the value.

Delete the value. A text selector value cannot be deleted if it is in use. You cannot delete a value if any data rows on this sheet in any version are using this value.

 Move value up or down the list of values. You can also drag and drop values to reorder them. The first item in the text selector list is the default selection when a new row is added to the sheet.

Data Entry Column: Text Selector
Spread Lookups Used to spread the values in one account over subsequent months of another account. Refer to Editing Spread Lookups.
  • Display Entry Column: Text Selector
  • All Custom Dimensions
Value Lookups Used to associate a set of numeric values with each available choice in a Custom Dimension or a Text Selector. Refer to Editing Value Lookups.
  • Display Entry Column: Text Selector
  • All Custom Dimensions
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