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Cube Sheet Builder: Defining Dimensions and Attributes

Cube Sheet Builder

Cube sheets are designed for modeling complex sales forecasting they can contain multi-dimensional data input across a specified set of dimensions. You’ll use the Cube Sheet Builder, a three pane user interface, to define your cube:

  • Left Pane: Used to select custom dimensions and attributes and add them to the cube sheet.

  • Center Pane: Represents the data included in the cube sheet.

  • Right Pane: Used to set properties or select values on selected dimensions and attributes.

Dimensions and Attributes

Cube sheets must contain a set of dimensions.  The center pane represents a list of all dimensions that are included in the cube sheet. The Time, Account, and Level dimensions are system dimensions that must be present in every cube sheet. You cannot remove them, but you can specify which of their elements are present in the cube. The asterisk (*) next to these dimensions indicate that they cannot be removed from the cube sheet.

A cube sheet can have up to a total of 50 systems dimensions, custom dimensions, and attributes.

  • Custom dimensions: You can add up to 7 custom dimensions to a cube sheet. You must create custom dimensions before you can include them in a cube sheet. Navigate to Modeling > Model Management > Dimensions to create custom dimensions and populate them.

  • Attributes:  You must create attributes before you can include them in a cube sheet. Navigate to Modeling > Model Management > Dimension Attributes to create custom dimensions and populate them.

Refer to Creating Cube Sheets for high-level steps on how to add accounts, specify dimensions and attributes, and set dimension restrictions.

Add Custom Dimensions and Attributes and Select Values

Use the Cube Sheet Builder to select the dimension and attributes to include on your cube sheet:

  1. From the left panel, search for the dimension or browse by clicking Dimensions or Attributes on the Elements tab.

  2. Drag and drop a custom dimension or attribute on to the center panel to include it in the sheet. Adding an attribute automatically adds the associated dimension. An attribute cannot appear in a cube definition without its associated dimension.

  3. Select the newly-added dimension or attribute. The right panel displays the associated properties.

  4. (Custom dimensions only) select Edit Dimension on Sheet to allow users to edit elements of the dimension when they view the cube sheet.

  5. Select the values to include on the sheet by searching or browsing. You can select a child element without selecting the parent.

Set the Display Options for the Time Dimension

Select the Time dimension from the center pane. In the right pane, select or clear these check boxes to set the display defaults when viewing the cube sheet in the sheet viewer:

Time Property Description Can users override this default
Initial Balance Shows the initial balance for the time slice. This option enables you to see any starting balance before the next planning period starts. No
Month, Quarter, Year The cube shows all the years of the current version and shows only those portions selected by the cube designer. For example, if you choose to show only quarters, the default sheet will show time based on quarters. Yes

Toolbar Icons

The following table shows toolbar icons for the Cube Sheet Builder.

Icon Name Description
Save Save changes made to the cube sheet.
Sheet Properties Manage sheet properties, including:
  • Change sheet name and description.
  • Set initial placement of dimensions in the sheet viewer.
  • Set maximum column width.
  • Suppress rows if all zeros or blank
Move Up Icon Move Up, Move Down Move the selected dimension or attribute up or down the list. This list controls the order in which the dimension appear in cube sheet menus.

Other move methods:

  • Drag and drop dimensions or attributes to reorder them.
  • Right-click and select Move to top or Move to bottom.
Delete Icon Delete Remove the selected custom dimension or attribute from the cube sheet.

Other remove methods:

  • Drag the select dimension or attribute to the Delete icon.
  • Select the custom dimension or attribute and press Delete on your keyboard.
  • Right-click and select Delete.
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