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Export Version Access

You can create a spreadsheet detailing Version access from the Manage Versions page by clicking Export Version Access. This generates an Excel spreadsheet with sev­eral columns, depending on your model. Columns include:

  • Version Name: The name of the version or folder.
  •  Parent: The name of the parent of this version or folder.
  •  Type: The type of the entry. Possible types:
    • Actuals
    • Plan
    • Plan Folder
  • User Name: The name of the user for whom the access entry is present.
  • Access: The type of access the user has to the version or folder. Options:
    • Hidden
    • Locked
    • Locked Except Notes
    • Import and Notes Only
    • Full Access
  • Audit Trail: Whether audit trail is applicable and if it is enabled or disabled.
    Possible states:

    •  Enabled
    • Disabled
    •  Not Applicable

  • Journal entry numbering: Whether the numbering is manual or automatic.
  • Prefix: The journal entry number prefix, if any.
  • Starting number: The number of the first journal entry.
  • Next number: The number of the next journal entry that will be created in that ver­sion.
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