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Virtual Version Details

To create or edit virtual versions, complete the Version Details described here.


(required) Version name must be unique. For example: "Budget 2009" and "Profit Plan 2008 - Version 2." 

Short Name:

Overrides the automatic abbreviation of the version name.


Describes the version, but only displays on this screen.

Access Control Section

User Types

Administrators define roles in Administration > Roles and Permissions, where permissions are selected for that role. Roles are then assigned to Users through  Administration > Users. The user types listed in this section are identified by the permissions of the role assigned to them. 

Field Name: Field Description:
Administrators Roles with Model Management > Versions permissions
Users All users, regardless of permissions and roles.
Group Global user groups are defined by your admin in Administration > User Groups. If users are part of more than one group and the group access conflicts with their role permission, their access defaults to the highest access available.
Actuals access Roles with  Privileged Actuals Access permissions. You'll only see this user type listed if you're creating or editing actuals, actuals sub-versions, journal entry versions, or virtual versions.
Editable sheet access Roles with Access Sheets > Editable Sheet Access permissions. You'll only see this user type listed if you're creating or editing plan versions and folders.

Access Options Per User

Different access options are available based on version type and whether or not it has versions nested below it. Select the access from the dropdown to the right of each user type (for groups the dropdown will be below the groups dropdown). 

Access Option Per User Type: View in
Edit in
Use in
Import Data
into Version
Visible       Available to Actuals ONLY
Hidden from Version Selector           Available to Actuals ONLY
Import and Notes Only      
Full Access  
Locked Except Notes        

Virtual Version Options

Define the options for the new virtual version: 


The plan or actuals version that will provide the base data for the virtual version.

Exchange Rates:

The version that will provide the exchange rate for the virtual version used for constant currency reporting.

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