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Change the Left Scroll Limit

The time periods between the left scroll limit (such as July-14) and the start of plan (such as Oct-14) are displayed on sheets and reports as actuals, but only if the actuals version has indicated it has completed values through those time periods in Version Administration. Plan data is shown for any months after the completed actuals or after the start of plan in the plan version.

When moving the left scroll limit, there must be at least three time periods in your configured calendar preceding your version start. Having these three periods before your version start correctly calculates the initial balance for the start of your version.

For example, if your calendar is monthly, and you want a version start of January 2017, your configured calendar needs to begin with October 2016.

To protect against the loss of data, the left scroll limit of the default version cannot be moved forward. To change the left scroll limit of your default version, either create a copy of the default version and move the left scroll limit forward when creating the copy or temporarily make another version your default so you can make the change.


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