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Dimension Attributes Overview

You can assign attribute values to dimensions, similarly to the way you do for accounts and levels. However, only dimensions identified as list dimensions can have attributes cre­ated for them. List dimensions have flat dimension values instead of hierarchical ones, are not used on levels, and have the List dimension box checked in their Dimension Details. Dimensions with hierarchical dimension values cannot have dimension attributes assigned to them.   

For example, below the Agency dimension can be marked as a list dimension but the Customer Name dimension cannot. The Customer Name dimension has a hierarchy of dimension values: the Kent Manufacturing dimension value has sub-values.


The List dimension box is grayed out to indicate that Customer Name cannot be marked as a list dimension. To change this, set Kent Manufacturing EU and Kent Manufacturing USA to have Customer Name as their parent. You can do this by clicking and dragging them into the main list, or by selecting them and editing their Details. Either way, this cre­ates a flat list of dimension values, as shown below. Note that the List dimension box is now available to check.


After you have one or more dimensions marked as list dimensions and one or more dimension attributes set up to assign to them (for more on creating dimension attributes, see Creating Attributes and Attribute Values), the Dimension Value Details box will have Version Settings and Agency Attributes sections.


To set which versions have this dimension value available, select a version in the drop-down menu, then check or uncheck Available in version and click Save.

To set a dimension attribute for the selected dimension value, select the attribute value from the attribute’s drop-down menu (in the image above, the Employee Location dimen­sion attribute is available to set).

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