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Dimensions Interface Tour

The Manage Dimensions page is laid out with a list of dimensions and dimension values on the left and a details pane on the right. 

To edit an existing dimension or dimension value, select it in the list, update the information in the Details pane, then click Save. 

To create a new dimension or dimension value, click the New Dimension or New Dimension Value icons, fill in the Details pane with the appropriate information, and click Save

The icons in the toolbar are: 

  •   New Dimension - Create a new dimension

  •  New Dimension Value - Create a new dimension value

  •   Move Up - Move selected item up in the list

  •   Move Down - Move selected item down in the list

  •   Printable View - Exports dimension data into an Excel spreadsheet

  • Delete - Delete currently selected attribute or dimension

  •   Import Dimension Structure - Open import structure dialog to download structure template and/or upload completed template

  •  Save - Save changes to details

  •   Cancel - Discard changes to details


To search, click the Search tab or in the Search bar, enter part or all of the item(s) you are looking for, and click the search icon. The Search tab is brought into focus, with a list of dimensions and dimension values matching your search, displayed along with their location in the dimension hierarchy.

The search results are paginated, and you can navigate through the pages using the arrows at the bottom of the Search tab:

  •  First

  •  Previous

  • Page number field

  •  Next

  •  Last

  •  Refresh

Moving Dimension Values

To change the location of a dimension value within the same page of the Dimensions list, you can use the Move Up and Move Down icons. To move a dimension value long distances or across pages:

  1. Highlight the value you want to move by clicking it.

  2. Cut the value by pressing Ctrl+X or by right-clicking it and selecting Cut.

  3. Click an item with the same parent you want the items to have.

  4. Press Ctrl+V or right-click and select Paste.
    The dimension value will be pasted as a sibling of the selected value.

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