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Enter Currency Exchange Rates

On this page, you can manually enter the currency exchange rates for all currency pairs and exchange rate types currently configured in your system. You can add new currencies and exchange rate types on the Currencies page.

Cells with gray backgrounds cannot be edited. Cells with white backgrounds can be edited. To edit a cell, double-click it.

You can import currency exchange rates by visiting Integration > Import Data.


You can filter which exchange rates appear on the screen using the drop-down menus in the toolbar. The drop-down menus are:

For example, you can set those filters as:

  • USD

  • INR

  • All rate types

Clicking Filter will display only exchange rates which convert from USD to INR.

You can also set the filter so that the screen only shows a particular type of exchange rate by leaving the currency drop-downs set to All Currencies and selecting an exchange rate type from the Exchange Rate Type drop-down, then clicking Filter.

If Admin Publishing is enabled in your instance, and your instance has unpublished structure changes, a link to the publishing screen appears at the top of the screen, and, depending on your role permissions, you can select whether to view the unpublished changes on this page or not: select the "View current" radio button to display only the previously-published changes on this page in read-only mode, or select "Make edits" to view any unpublished changes and make further updates. 

If your instance has unpublished currency changes, a warning line will inform you that edits cannot be made on this page until the changes have been published.

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