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Creating a New Account

When a model is implemented, the account structure is often imported all at once. After that, accounts are added manually or with an append import.

Navigation Icon5.png From the nav menu, click Modeling. From the Accounts menu, choose: General Ledger Accounts, Custom Accounts, Metric Accounts, or Assumptions.

Add an Account

To add an account manually:

If the new account is the first child of its parent, all data in the parent are moved to the new account upon creation. Parent accounts cannot contain data of their own.

  1. From the Account Administration page, browse or search for the parent account or group to which the new account will roll up. Highlight the account or group.
  2. Click the Create Account Icon icon in the toolbar to create a new account.
  3. Set account details from the Account Details pane. See Account Details for field definitions.
  4. Click SheetViewer-Save.png from the toolbar to save the account.

The new account appears in the accounts list as the last item under its parent account or group.To reorder the account under its parent, drag and drop the account to the desired location.

Import an Account Structure

If you are going to add multiple accounts at once, it is generally faster to use the import function rather than create each account manually. To do this, you first need to create a spreadsheet containing the new level information in the correct format, then import it.

If you don't see the Import Account Structure button, the Structure Import permission needs to be added to your role or you need to be given a role with Structure Import Permission.

When importing structure, you have three options for import:

Update Structure: This option updates the existing properties for the elements found in the uploaded spreadsheet. Typically you would download a Printable View, update its contents, then upload the resulting spreadsheet to apply the updates.

Append Structure: This option inserts all items found in the uploaded spreadsheet as new items in the dimension being imported. The uploaded spreadsheet cannot contain listings for any existing elements in the structure being imported. Append Structure Import cannot be used to change attributes or re-parent existing elements in a structure.

Reload Entire Structure: This option deletes all the items of that type, as well as all their associated data, and builds an entirely new tree from the specified import.

Warning: Selecting Reload entire structure replaces the entire account structure of the type you are importing with whatever is in the imported file, be sure to pick the correct option!

If you plan to use the Update option, click Printable View to download the existing structure.

  1. Go to Modeling > Model Management and choose the type of account you are importing.
  2. If you plan to use the Update option, click Printable View to download the existing structure. BEST PRACTICE: Remove the rows you do not want to change.
  3. Click Import Account Structure in the toolbar. This pops up a window for structure import with the following options:
  • Import Operation - select Update, Append or Reload entire structure
  • Download template link - click to download the template for the Append or Reload entire structure option.
  • Upload and Cancel buttons
  1. Click Download Template.
    A dialog letting you save or open the template appears. The template itself contains instructions for entering the information you are going to import. Open it in Microsoft Excel and follow the instructions.
  2. For Append or Reload, populate the import template with the desired entries you want to add.
  3. For Update, make changes to the Printable View spreadsheet you downloaded in step 2. WARNING: Only include the rows in the spreadsheet for the accounts you are intending to update to reduce the risk of accidentally changing the properties of other accounts.
  4. Save the template to a convenient location on your computer.
  5. In the structure import popup window, click Choose File to locate and select the import file
  6. Click Upload.

Create a System Account

System accounts are accounts whose contents are controlled entirely by the system. They cannot be edited using sheets or other methods. System accounts are identified in the account tree with this icon .

Creating a new system account is very similar to creating a new account of any other type. System accounts are often created automatically, but sometimes it is necessary to create one or more manually. For example, to use allocations, you must create allocate-in and allocate-out accounts.

To create a system account:

  1. From the Account Administration page, browse or search for the parent account to which the new system account will roll up and highlight the account.
  2. Click New System Account.
  3. Set the account details from the Account Details pane for the new system account. See Account Details for fields descriptions.
  4. Click SheetViewer-Save.png from the toolbar to save the account.
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