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Navigating Account Management

You can only manage one account type at a time.

For General Ledger, Metric, Custom,  and Assumptions accounts:

Navigation: Modeling > Accounts and choose an account type 

For modeled accounts or cube accounts:

Navigation: Modeling > Model Management > Level Assigned Sheets or User-Assigned Sheets and choose the model sheet or cube sheet to manage

Accounts User Interface

The Accounts interface is divided into two main areas: Account Tree and Account Details

Account Tree

The left area of the Accounts page is the account tree – a hierarchical structure of an account type. 

You can filter using the Type drop-down or search using the Search field to find a specific account. You can switch to another account type from Man­age drop-down.

Use icons in the Account Tree Toolbar to:

Click Generate printable view Download to Excel Icon to download the accounts structure as an Excel spreadsheet.

Account Details

The right pane shows Account Details of the selected accounts. The fields available in this pane will vary based on the selected account. See Defining Account Details for a full list of possible fields.

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