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Create Attributes and Attribute Values

Dimensions, dimension attributes, level attributes, and account attributes cannot share names. For example, if you have a dimension called Region, you cannot also have an account attribute called Region.

Creating an Attribute

To create an attribute, do the following:

  1. Go to Modeling > Model Management and click Account Attributes, Dimension Attributes, or Level Attributes.
  2. Click New Attribute.
  3. In the Attribute Details area, fill in the new attribute’s name.
  4. Choose whether to check the two options:
  5. Account import (or level import) automatically create attribute values: If this box is checked, new attribute values are created as necessary when the structure is imported on the Account Administration page or the Manage Your Organization Structure page.
    • Keep sorted: Check this box to have all values of this attribute list alphabetically rather than sorting them manually.
    • Click Save

Creating an Attribute Value

Once you have created an attribute, you need to create its values. there are three ways to do this.

To add an attribute value from the Define Attributes screen, do the following:

  1. Highlight the name of the attribute you want to add a value to.
  2. Click New Attribute Value .
  3. Enter the value’s information in the Attribute Value Details section.
  4. The fields are:
    • Parent: The attribute to which the value is assigned, or the parent attribute value of which this value is a specialization.
    • Name: The name of the value
    • Description: (Optional) A description of when to assign the value and what it means. This is helpful if other administrators use attribute values.
  5. Click Save 

You can also create large numbers of Attributes and Attribute Values in one action by using Import Attribute Structure.

If the attribute is marked Level import automatically creates attribute values, new attri­bute values included in an account file are automatically created when accounts are imported.

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