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Re-parent Levels

An Administrator may need to re-parent levels within the organization structure if there is a reorganization.

To re-parent an existing level:

  1. From the Modeling > Model Management screen, click the Levels link.

  2. In the Manage Organization screen, select the level that you want to re-parent.

  3. In the Level Details section, select the new parent level in the Rolls up to field.

  4. Click Save.

When you re-parent a level, all of the data and formulas in that level will remain intact and move with the level to its new location in the organization structure. It is important to remember that when you make any structural changes in the Manage Organization Structure screen, the changes apply to all versions, even locked and actuals versions.

Using Import Structure to Re-parent Levels

To re-parent levels in bulk:

  1. Download the Printable View.

  2. Update the structure in the downloaded file by editing items in the "Rolls up to" column.

  3. Click Import organization structure.

  4. Upload the file using the Update option.

You can only update existing structure elements using this method, and cannot add, delete or rename a level.

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