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Import Level Structure

Levels, accounts, assumptions, account attributes, and custom dimensions can be imported into Adaptive using the structure import functionality. Importation can be used to modify and create large numbers of existing elements at one time.

Using Structure Import requires an administrator to have the Structure Import permission, which is not granted to administrators by default. Go to the Create and Assign Roles administration page to add this permission to an administrator's role.

Structure Import is available as an Import structure button in the toolbar of the following administration pages:

Structure Import Options

When importing structure, you have three options for import:

  1. Update Structure - This option updates the existing properties for the elements found in the uploaded spreadsheet. Typically you would download a Printable View, update its contents, then upload the resulting spreadsheet to apply the updates.

  2. Append Structure - This option inserts all items found in the uploaded spreadsheet as new items in the dimension being imported. The uploaded spreadsheet cannot contain listings for any existing elements in the structure being imported. Append Structure Import cannot be used to change attributes or re-parent existing elements in a structure.

  3. Reload Entire Structure - For levels and accounts, this option deletes all the items of that type, as well as all their associated data, and builds an entirely new tree from the specified import.

The Reload Entire Structure option will delete all data in all versions of your instance, so it is only recommended for use during the implementation phase of a model. For custom dimensions and attributes, this option deletes and replaces only the dimensions being uploaded, leaving other dimensions alone. Dimensions which are marked as being "In Use" cannot be replaced. No data is deleted when custom dimensions or attributes are uploaded using Structure Import.

Steps to Import Structure

  1. Go to the Administration page for the type of structure you wish to import (Account, Level, Attribute, or Dimension administration)

  2. If you plan to use the Update option, click Printable View to download the existing structure.

  3. Click the Import Structure button in the toolbar. This pops up a window for structure import with the following options:

    • Import Operation - select Update, Append or Reload entire structure

    • Download template link - click to download the template for the Append or Reload entire structure option.

    • Upload and Cancel buttons
  4. Click the link to download the import template.

  5. For Append or Reload, populate the import template with the desired entries you want to add.

  6. For Update, make changes to the Printable View spreadsheet you downloaded in step 2.

  7. Save the import template or Printable View to a convenient location on your machine.

  8. In the structure import popup window, click the Choose File button to locate and select the import file.

  9. Click Upload.

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