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Clone an Existing Level

Another way to add a new level is to clone an existing one and make it available in unlocked versions. This process creates a new level with some or all of the content and properties of the source level.

Parent levels and linked levels cannot be cloned.

To clone a level, do the following:

1. Go to Modeling > Model Management > Levels.

2. In the Levels list on the left side of the screen, highlight the level you want to clone.

3. Click Clone Level

The Level Details area becomes editable and displays the details for the level you are creating.

4. Make changes to the new level’s details as necessary.

5. Click Save.

When you clone a level, all applicable existing information in the source level is copied:

  • All cell contents are copied, in all versions in which the new level is available(exception: If you are creating a clone of the actuals version, only the formulas are copied, not the facts).
  • All sheet notes and cell notes in all available versions are copied to the clone.
  • All rules that involve the original level in some way will also be available to the clone, unless overridden by access permissions.
  • All shared formulas for the source level are applied to the clone, if they are in a version where the clone is available.
  • All report parameters which have the original level as a parameter choice also have the clone as a parameter choice. 
  • All export mappings for the original level are copied to the clone. 
  • If, during creation of a clone (before clicking Save), the Rolls up To is changed, the clone inherits the formulas of that parent, not the source level.

Some existing information in the source level is not copied:  

  • Import mappings 
  • Workflow status data 
  • Audit trail data 
  • The clone is not added to reports which currently contain the source level, but the clone is made available as an option in any report parameters that contain the source level.
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