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Enter NetSuite Keys for Token-based Authentication

Explains how to enter token-based authentication keys from NetSuite as part of supporting NetSuite's 2018.1 two-factor authentication requirement.

NetSuite's deadline for updating to two-factor authentication (2FA) is April 8, 2019. Existing legacy integrations will not work once NetSuite turns off the legacy method of authentication. Below are the specific steps you need to take.

NetSuite 2018.1 and Two-factor Authentication

As of NetSuite's 2018.1 release, NetSuite requires two-factor authentication for all highly-privileged roles. Adaptive Planning needs highly-privileged roles as part of a NetSuite Basic setup or a NetSuite data source in Integration. For NetSuite 2018.1, you need to enter authentication keys generated in NetSuite in the appropriate location in Adaptive Planning.


Enable token-based authentication in NetSuite, generate and save the Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access token ID, and Access token secret in a secure location.

Enter NetSuite Token-based Authentication Keys

Where you enter token-based authentication keys depends on which method you use to integrate NetSuite with Adaptive Planning.

Your company either uses NetSuite Basic or a NetSuite Data Source in Integration.

NetSuite Basic

  1. Navigate to Integration > NetSuite setup.
  2. Select Token Based Authentication.

You may need to select Update Import User to unlock the settings. Updating the import user does not delete any mappings or previously imported actuals.

  1. Paste the Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access token ID, and Access token secret you generated within NetSuite and click Save.

Watch this Video: 4m 00s

Token Based Authentication and upgrading to NetSuite 2018.1 for NetSuite Basic in Adaptive Insights

NetSuite Data Source in Integration

Navigate to Integration > Data Designer.

You can upgrade an existing NetSuite data source, or create a new NetSuite data source.

If you have an existing NetSuite data source you must upgrade to NetSuite 2018.1 by April 8, 2019.

If you create a new NetSuite data source you automatically get NetSuite 2018.1 and don't need to upgrade.

In both cases you create a NetSuite Credential that holds your access keys.

Upgrade an Existing NetSuite Data Source to 2018.1

Watch this video: 4m 4s

Token Based Authentication and upgrading to NetSuite 2018.1
  1. Select an existing NetSuite Data Source.
  2. Select Upgrade to 2018.1 in the Actions panel.
  3. Select Create new credential now the first time you upgrade any of your data sources to NetSuite 2018.1.
  4. Provide a name for the NetSuite credential. A credential can be reused with any data source after you create it.
  5. Paste the access keys you generated within NetSuite.
  6. Select OK.
  7. Review the changes in the dialog and make a note of them. Select Upgrade if you are okay with the changes and the data source gets updated.
  8. Make any changes you need to your data mappings in your loaders.
  9. Select Import Structure to upgrade all the tables in your data source.

Create a New NetSuite Data Source

When you create a new NetSuite data source, the 2018.1 endpoint is used by default. You won't need to upgrade it.

  1. Select Create Credentials and select NetSuite credentials.
  2. Provide a name for the NetSuite Credentials. A credential can be reused with any data source after you create it.
  3. Paste the access keys you generated from NetSuite.
  4. Select Create new data source and select NetSuite.
  5. Select Apply.
  6. You can now create a planning loader with your data source.

View Token-based Authentication Audit Logs in NetSuite

You can view an audit log in NetSuite to check if the correct token elements get sent to NetSuite from Adaptive Planning during login attempts.

  1. Log in to NetSuite.
  2. Go to Setup > Users/Roles > Login Audit Trail Search.
  3. Select Use Advanced Search.
  4. Select the Results tab.
  5. Add the following to the results:
    • Token-based Access Token Name
    • Token-based Application Name
    • Detail
  6. Submit the search.
  7. Sort the most recent logins to the top and review the status and detail columns for your login attempts.

NetSuite - Login Audit Trail Search Results for Token-based Authentication


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