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Prepare for NetSuite Two-Factor Authentication

Describes how to prepare for the changes related to NetSuite 2018.1's two-factor authentication requirement.

NetSuite's deadline for updating to two-factor authentication (2FA) is April 8, 2019. Existing legacy integrations will not work once NetSuite turns off the legacy method of authentication. Below are the specific steps you need to take.

What's Coming?

The way you authenticate with NetSuite throughout Adaptive Planning is changing because NetSuite began requiring two-factor authentication (2FA). Regardless of how you integrate Adaptive Planning with NetSuite, NetSuite's two-factor authentication requirement affects you.


For enhanced security, NetSuite’s 2018.1 release requires two-factor authentication for all highly-privileged roles in NetSuite production, sandbox, development, and Release Preview accounts. In NetSuite's 2019.1 release, two-factor authentication also becomes mandatory for API and integration access.

Adaptive Planning uses highly-privileged roles to integrate with NetSuite. Your Adaptive Planning integration must meet NetSuite's two-factor authentication requirements to continue working.

For more on NetSuite's two-factor authentication see their documentation here.

What Can I Do Right Now?

Right now, you can set up Token-Based Authentication inside NetSuite by generating authentication keys. Save these keys in a secure location and have them ready. Treat these keys as you would a password. The user interface for Adaptive Planning is going to change so that you can paste these keys in

Review the existing NetSuite users and roles involved in integrating with Adaptive Planning. Create a role that can use two-factor authentication and has all of the needed permissions for integrating with Adaptive Planning.

What Do I Need To Do for Integration?

If you use NetSuite data sources in Adaptive Planning Integration, you need to upgrade your NetSuite endpoint to 2018.1 by clicking the "Upgrade to 2018.1" button. Create a NetSuite Credential and enter your keys.

After generating your authentication keys from within NetSuite and saving them, you'll need to paste them into specific locations inside the Adaptive Planning user interface.

Watch this video: 4m 4s

Token Based Authentication and upgrading to NetSuite 2018.1

What Do I Need To Do for NetSuite Basic?

If you use NetSuite Basic, your endpoint will be upgraded automatically. Navigate to Integration > Netsuite setup and paste your keys.

Watch this video: 4m 00s

Token Based Authentication and upgrading to NetSuite 2018.1 for NetSuite Basic in Adaptive Insights

What Happens if I Don't Upgrade to NetSuite 2018.1 and Token Based Authentication?

NetSuite is rolling out two-factor authentication and token-based authentication for integrations to all of its customers. If you don’t update to token-based authentication by April 8, 2019, your connection to NetSuite within Adaptive Planning will fail and your integration with NetSuite won’t work.


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