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Prepare for NetSuite 2020.1

Describes how to prepare for the changes related to NetSuite 2020.1's upgrade.

This article assumes that your current version of NetSuite is 2018.1. For versions older than 2018.1, See Prepare for NetSuite 2018. 1 and Two Factor Authentication.

What's Coming?

NetSuite 2020.1 enforces Token Based Authentication (TBA) for all NetSuite users. This feature upgrade is not automatic for existing customers. You must manually upgrade the default version of your existing NetSuite Data Sources to 2020.1.

Your current webservices version must be less than 3 years old to ensure Adaptive Planning and NetSuite are able to provide optimal support.


Token Based Authentication (TBA) for all NetSuite users enables Adaptive Planning to maintain Built For NetSuite (BFN) certification. For more on NetSuite's two-factor authentication see their documentation here.

What Can I Do Right Now?

Right now,  you can set up Token-Based Authentication inside NetSuite by generating authentication keys. Save these keys in a secure location and have them ready. Treat these keys as you would a password. 

Review the existing NetSuite users and roles involved in integrating with Adaptive Planning. Create a role that can use two-factor authentication and has all of the needed permissions for integrating with Adaptive Planning.

What Do I Need To Do for Integration?

If you use NetSuite data sources in Adaptive Planning Integration, you need to upgrade your NetSuite endpoint to 2020.1. Select "Upgrade to 2020.1" from the Actions pane. You can create a new NetSuite Credential using the Credentials pane.

Generate Authentication keys from within NetSuite and paste them into specific locations inside the Adaptive Planning user interface.

What Do I Need To Do for NetSuite Basic?

If you use NetSuite Basic, your endpoint will be upgraded automatically.

Navigate to IntegrationNetsuite setup and paste your keys. 

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