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Spreadsheet Import Options

Describes the settings and options for Import Data.

For step-by-step instructions on importing sheet and transactions data, see Spreadsheet Import.

Fields Description
Import Type

Identifies where the data will import.

  • Actuals: Choose an Actuals version.
  • Plan: Choose a Plan version.
  • Transactions (only available with the Transactions module)
Import From

Identifies the source of the data being imported.

  • Spreadsheet
  • Custom Script (For Legacy Connectors)

Import Into Sheet

Identifies the sheet the data will import to. Do not select a sheet when importing Transactions.

  • Standard: For GL, custom, assumption, exchange rates
  • Modeled or Cube Sheet: For the modeled and cube sheets in the system 

Import Mode

Only available when a modeled sheet is selected for import into sheet

Controls what happens at import.

  • Add the imported rows to the sheet.
  • Replace all data in the sheet, for all levels.
  • Replace all the data in the sheet, but only for imported levels.
Select  File Choose the file on your local system to import. Format it by using the download template.
Download Template Downloads an import template for the sheet you selected within Import Into Sheet. The templates for modeled, cube, and standard sheet data are different based on their contained dimensions and accounts.
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